The project

The Project

SXM Cap Project is a project driven by the desire to combine entrepreneurship and social initiative.

After the last hurricane Irma, we wanted to bring a project that is a sense with a direct and visible impact for the island of Saint Martin / Saint MaartenThe cap was for us the ideal product, it is the perfect souvenir of holidays in Saint-Martin / Sint-Maarten or a fashion accessory.

For each cap sold a part of the profites are donated to plant trees on Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten island.

Réserve Naturelle

2022 We are very happy to announce our support for the program initiated by the Réserve Naturelle de Saint-Martin. This program aims to accelerate the recovery of the mangrove with a mangrove nursery


2021 In collaboration with the Lili’s Garden association, we have created a nursery on Saint-Martin. The objective of this project is to grow local species in order to increase the survival of the plants.

Orient Bay

Février 2021

Happy Bay

March 2020

Mullet Bay

May 2019

Friar's Bay

Mach 2019

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